This week’s guest judge is Corinne Goode, creative director at BBDO San Francisco.

Winner: Alzheimer’s Foundation: The Hardest Crossword.

I bet the title of this crossword had cruciverablists cracking their knuckles with challenge-accepted glee. What I’m sure quickly followed was a sobering pause at the reality faced by many Alzheimer sufferers. The crossword clues provided a powerful list of actions we take for granted and memories that make us unique. Particular shout to the heartbreak of 47 down.

Runner Up: Volkswagen Amarok: Motherboard 1.

Some nice craft in play bringing this rural circuit board landscape to life. Shame that detail didn’t extend to the copy.

See all of Corinne’s choices here and includes Lirandzo Condoms, Cei, MYMALL and VIVA Telecom