This week’s best judges are Sanjiv Mistry and Jamie Mietz, executive creative directors at m:united/McCann London.

Winner: Child Focus – “The Missing Stamp“. This was not a particularly strong week for print, in our opinion, but the ‘Missing Stamp’ idea elevated itself above the rest, perhaps because it wasn’t print at all, but a clever piece of direct marketing. It’s a little hard to tell from the visual, but we do hope these stamps were die-cut to really make them something a bit special.

Runner-up: SOS Woman and Family – “The Violence Tree“. Family trees are not a new visual device. Neither is the idea that the abused can grow up to become abusers themselves. Nonetheless, the combination of the two was at least eye-catching and insightful, though it would’ve been improved by removing the ‘Teresa Rodrigues called 180’ annotation, which is a touch heavy-handed in pointing out the idea.

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