Not only can printed ads help with building brand trust, but print advertising can also help a brand reach a wider audience. But how can you create a standout print ad that also complements your digital campaign? How can you make sure your printed ads are effective?

To help answer those questions, 14 members of the Forbes Agency Council offer their advice for the most effective ways to approach print advertising.

  1. Break The Pattern
  2. Keep The Branding Consistent
  3. Use Your Best Posts As A Guide
  4. Focus On Targeting, Offer And Design
  5. Make Your Print Ads Interactive
  6. Keep It Short
  7. Create A Call To Action
  8. Remember The ‘Rule Of Seven’
  9. Share Only A Part Of The Story
  10. Leverage The Power Of QR Codes
  11. Know Your Audience
  12. Use Augmented Reality
  13. Align With A Single Message
  14. Make Your Efforts Work Together

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