The popular car used humorous Direct Marketing print marketing to give petrol heads the emotional support they needed to “Break Up” with their current vehicles or as they call them in New Zealand “UTEs”.

Interesting is how the brand uses the unique NZ insights to craft this campaign – how do you convince a nation of ute obsessives – utes are utility vehicles, or pick-up trucks – to finally let their current model go and trade up to a shiny new, top-spec Ranger Wildtrak?

See the full story on the Print Power website.

The power of print at a glance

  • DM might not be the ‘easiest’ form of advertising in print media, but it has a tactility, intimacy and authenticity that digital media don’t
  • People are, um, people – and they respond to human, analogue, emotional experiences (so make it funny)
  • As storytellers, marketers should let the message dictate the medium