Jessie Sampson, Communications Manager, Newsworks in London makes a case for contextual print advertising.

One of the great advantages of newspaper ads is that brands can amplify their messages via clever contextual placement. We know newspapers offer an engaged environment. Lumen eye-tracking shows 75% of readers look at each print ad on average, while RAMetrics analysis reveals ad recall is 2.6 times higher for ads within print news brands than it is for ads appearing in digital news brands.

Print obviously packs a punch when it comes to capturing consumers’ undivided attention. In fact, 60% of newspaper readers do not consume any other media while reading the newspaper. For brands, this appetite for newspapers’ content presents a unique opportunity to maximise the impact of their campaign message.

Paddy Power – The bookmaker is well known for its cheeky newspaper ads, and its latest print execution is no different. Following the Carabao Cup Final fall-out between Chelsea goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga and manager Maurizio Sarri, Paddy Power ran a pun-tastic ad next to coverage of the altercation in the following day’s Evening Standard.

Have a look to see what Smirnoff did too: