The PRC (Publisher Research Council) and Nielsen have launched the first ever fused dataset in South Africa fusing PAMS (Publisher Audience Measure Survey) and CPS (Consumer Panel) respectively. This new and comprehensive brand dataset is changing the face of research in this country while adapting to current consumer behaviour.

The fused dataset, known as PAMS BRANDS 2018 has been released by all software bureaus, is fully integrated and brands appear exactly as they did in the single-source AMPS. FMCG brands can now be profiled for the first time on SEMs. There are 5 694 “brands” in CPS and of these 3 138 in 210 categories are included in fusion. However, many brands sell in multiple categories and after these are removed, there are 1,816 brands in the true sense of the word of customers having a relationship with the brand. Incredibly, a single household buys 136 brands per annum, that’s 2,38% or 1 in every 42 brands on the shelves.

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