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Why should you join?

If you are a publisher and want your readers measured and results delivered to the media and advertising industry, then you should join the PRC. If media planners and buyers cannot see your readership and compare it to other publications, how can they justify advertising in your publication or on your website? The PRC is funded by a proportional contribution from members based on reported Nielsen AdSpend for the preceding calendar year and all publishers, with circulations more than about 20,000 copies, are encouraged to become members.

Apart from open forums, input to the research process and audience measurement across all platforms there are numerous other reasons to join. You will get free access to both the Establishment Survey (ES) and PAMS at no cost, PAMS measures over 150 titles and websites. In addition, we do a “quality” and ROI study every year, this will also give you additional sales arguments based on the inherent strengths of the written word.

In addition, you can fuse any of your own research or subscriber bases with PAMS, or other surveys. Contact Peter Langschmidt below for details and costs of becoming a member.

Peter Langschmidt

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