We conduct numerous research studies each year, all designed to best serve the needs of our advertisers, their agencies  and our members.

The Establishment Survey

As the name suggests the ES forms the foundation to all media research in South Africa. It establishes the adult universe in terms of geography and demographics. It also includes LSM’s and the new Lifestyle Measure. Inter media comparisons in terms of reach, frequency and time spent are also researched.

The PRC funds and owns this study in partnership with the BRC (Broadcast Research Council).   Interested parties to the study are the Advertiser Media Forum (AMF), and MASA (Marketing Assoc of SA).

Both the ES and all individual currency surveys are linked via “fusion hooks” (common questions) on both the hub and the donor surveys.  The annual sample is 25,000 respondents conducted in 2 six monthly waves of 12,500. The first wave will be released in March 2017.

TAMS, RAMS and PAMS will be linked to the ES in 2017.

Any advertiser or research house may multibase (link) their proprietary surveys or customer databases to the ES. Permission must be granted from the survey owners (PRC and BRC) and there are costs involved. Contact Peter Langschmidt for more details.

PAMS (Publisher Audience Measurement Survey)

The purpose of PAMS is to:

  • Measure and track the audiences of publications across all reading platforms to enable the buying and selling of advertising space in these publications
  • Link these audiences back to the ES so that they might be compared to other media vehicles

The first PAMS will be released in February 2018 and measure the audiences of all newspapers and magazines currently on AMPS.

The sample will be approximately 20,000 face to face respondents.

Nielsen Watch are conducting this survey on behalf of the PRC.

The PRC Online Reader Panel

 We will also be launching our own online and mobile reader panel of 5,000 respondents in 2018.

  • This will measure both quantitative publication currencies as well as the qualitative inherent strengths of reading.
  • Results will become available to the industry during 2018.

IAB Effective Measure Data 

The PRC work very closely with the IAB. Although we do not conduct the research, we link online unique browser tagged data to our own PAMS study paper and other platform data. The PDMSA (from which the PRC was formed) were the first organization to link AMPS printed readership figures with Effective Measure Unique Browser data.

Media Synergy 2017

The PRC have commissioned GFK to conduct this study using their household panel. It will compare advertisers that use print and online to those that use only broadcast media.

Results will be available in March 2017.

The Power Of Reading

As our Slogan says READ TO REMEMBER, if it’s important, like your brand awareness and perception, put it in writing.

During 2017 the PRC will be commissioning numerous studies, gathering case studies and conducting desk research to prove that adding a Print or online component to your media plan will increase your adverting ROI.




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