We conduct numerous research studies every year, all designed to best serve the needs of our advertisers, their agencies and our members.

The research below demonstrates large scale, representative audience and reading efficacy research on behalf of our members. This data is provided to bureaus who in turn supply media planning and crosstab software to media agencies and advertisers to inform effective advertising investment.


PAMS is the reading currency designed to achieve an accurate measurement of reading behaviour across multiple platforms to enable the buying and selling of advertising and space.


Establishment Survey

The ES forms the foundation to all media research in South Africa and establishes the adult universe in terms of geography and demographics.



This PRC and Nielsen CPS fused and comprehensive brand dataset is changing the face of research in this country while adapting to current consumer behaviour.


Media ROI

The Nielsen’s Advanced Analytics team has carried out numerous Media ROI (Return on Investment) studies over the past three years.



Touchpoints is a robust quantitative study comprising 1,000 respondents across seven major metro areas conducted in October and November 2018.



Peter Langschmidt and experts from TNS Kantar, GfK and WhyFive deliver research results from their studies in this READ Presentation.



The Synergy study was undertaken by GfK to measure the relative effects of different advertising strategies across media channels with particular focus on the impact that print plays in delivering a ROI.


Project Media View is the evaluation of print media engagement and research to determine the attitudes and perceptions consumers have of print media.


BrandMapp looks at 25 599 economically active adults who live in households earning in excess of R25 000 per month. In short, it paints a unique picture of economically active South Africans.


In on-going, large sample studies over the past two years, Lumen has conclusively proved that the actual viewing of, as opposed to potential exposure to adverts, leads to almost nine times more sales.