A new organization created to meet the needs of fast changing consumer reading behavior and linked ES hub and currency donor research surveys

Who Are We?

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) is a non-profit company that represents the interests of both print and online publishers in South Africa. As a JIC (Joint Industry Council), we have representatives from, Government, Advertisers and the AMF (Advertiser Media Forum) serving on all our technical committees.

We are owned by the major publishing houses, and members include Times Media Group, CTP Caxton, Independent Newspapers, Media24, Mail & Guardian and Ramsay Media. Currently the PRC members publish more than 700 newspapers and magazines in four different languages.

The PRC conducts audience and efficacy research on behalf of our members. We then provide this data to media agencies and advertisers.

What We Do:

The PRC conducts audience and efficacy research on behalf of our members. We also provide broader media audiences for the advertisers and their agencies.

2017 heralds a new dawn of media research in South Africa. After 40 years of a single source AMPS we will move to the global model of a Hub Establishment Survey with linked currency surveys.

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Publisher Research Council Mandate

  1. Commission and co-ordinate research which is required by or is relevant to the advertising, marketing and media industries
  2. Commission, develop and provide an accepted cross platform readership currency research for the use of the advertising, marketing and media industries
  3. Facilitate the incorporation of audited circulation data so that this metric can be synchronized with the readership panel measurement
  4. Promote and maintain fair, reasonable and proper standards for print and digitally published media audience research
  5. Foster and maintain innovation in term of research development
  6. Support and foster additional collaborative media industry-wide research
  7. Develop relationships with and work closely with interested publisher bodies including but not limited AIB, BRC, MMA, AIP, MASA, AMF and ABC in developing cross platform media research
  8. Expand the base of membership and utilise membership contributions to fund ongoing media industry research
  9. Educate the media planning and buying industry in respect of the utilization of the findings of the research and the value and role of print and digitally published media formats
  10. Develop and collate case studies, articles and white papers demonstrating the value of print and digitally published media

Print Media Is Surviving in More Ways than One

This Media Update article expands arguments on the efficacy of print.  
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Why Print Offers Something Advertisers Covet

A PrintPower article by Director Scott Manson at OgilvyOne on the unique qualities of print. [embeddoc url="http://www.prc.za.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Scott-Manson-Director-at-OgilvyOne-explains-why-print-offers-unique-experience.pdf"...
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Magazines Drive Purchase Decisions

[embeddoc url="http://www.prc.za.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/TouchPoints-Factoid-Magazine-Use.pdf" download="all"]
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The BrandMapp 2017 Print Media Report

For a branded view of this report and the 250 other measures in BrandMapp please contact Stuart Lowe at WhyFive on stuart@whyfive.co.za. [embeddoc url="http://www.prc.za.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/The-BrandMapp-2017-Print-Media-Report-for-web.pdf" download="all"]
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Publisher Research Council READ Presentation

The PRC's Peter Langschmidt and experts from TNS Kantar, GfK and WhyFive deliver research results from their studies in this READ Presentation [embeddoc url="http://www.prc.za.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/PRC-READ-LAUNCH-APRIL-2017-website.pdf" download="all"]...
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Marketing Relevance In An Omnichannel World | 2015

Today’s customers are more demanding than ever. They want the right information, at the right time, on any device of their choosing. Due to this high level of customer empowerment, marketers’ jobs are becoming increasingly difficult. For marketers to succeed in this environment, online experiences need to be personalized, relevant, and engaging to capture customers’ fragmented attention.
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Global Trust In Advertising Report | 2015

Three factors form the foundation of a successful ad campaign: Reach, resonance and reaction. Reach the right audience, and ensure your advertising resonates positively so you can generate the desired reaction. Simple–right? Wrong.        ...
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Consumer Device Preference Report | 2015

Movable Ink’s UK Consumer Device Preference Report was first released in 2013 and provides deep insight into consumers’ adoption and use of smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, and how they engage with email while using their preferred devices. The Q1 2015...
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Establishment Survey Questionnaire | 2016

The 2016 Establishment Survey Questionnaire - Free Download           [embeddoc url="http://www.prc.za.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/ES-questionnaire-FINAL-2016A.pdf" download="all"]
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Attention Spans Report | Microsoft 2015

Think digital is killing attention spans? Think again. As more and more facets of Canadians’ lives go digital, we felt it was important to understand what impact today’s digital lifestyles are having on consumers and their attention, and what that means for marketers....
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