Swedish agency NORD DDB breathed new life into a familiar format with a twist on an old bedtime story for client VW.

The figures tell a terrifying tale: that unlit rural roads are dangerous places for Swedish wildlife. In 2017 alone, there were more than 60,000 accidents involving animals – with more than a few human casualties, too.

So, when NORD DDB was tasked with promoting the new Night Vision feature for the VW Touareg – a thermal imaging camera designed to detect persons and animals on the road – it decided to shine a light on fauna’s plight, using a highly unusual approach.

The resulting bittersweet children’s tale was published on the back page of the financial paper Dagens Industri Weekend. The ad is all text, save for a small illustration, and tells the story of a lonely deer who wanders perilously close to the road.

The power of print at a glance

  • The juxtaposition of traditional communications with cutting-edge technology creates a compelling method of telling a story
  • In evoking tactile childhood nostalgia in an adult market, an emotional impression is founded
  • New light-sensitive inks offer fresh creative possibilities, and enhance the element of surprise

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