Reading delivers best ROI

An intense three-year study into the advertising return on investment of 17 different brands across multiple channels has resulted in a key takeout for advertisers and their media planners: Reading, especially on digital platforms, consistently delivered the greatest...

The power of the written word

By Josephine Buys, CEO, Publisher Research Council. First published in The Media Online, 28 May 2019. My career has been built on the fact that people love to read, whether it be newspapers, magazines, books or online content. As a human race, we are hardwired to...

The value of published media, an ironic lesson from Netflix

Over the past few years much has been said about the demise of print and the perception that the traditional printed word is no longer the force it used to be. However, it seems that we may be coming full circle as once again the written word is being used to...

Josephine Buys appointed CEO of PRC

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) is delighted to announce that Josephine Buys has been appointed as its CEO. Josephine has a diverse and passionate career history in publishing and marketing, most recently growing and transforming the IAB SA as its inaugural CEO....

PRC and Nielsen launch first fused survey in South Africa

The PRC (Publisher Research Council) and Nielsen launched the first ever fused dataset in South Africa at packed out launch events in Johannesburg and Cape Town. This new and comprehensive brand dataset is changing the face of research in this country while adapting...


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