A new organization created to meet the needs of fast changing consumer reading behavior and linked ES hub and currency donor research surveys

Who Are We?

The Publisher Research Council (PRC) is a non-profit company that represents the interests of both print and online publishers in South Africa. As a JIC (Joint Industry Council), we have representatives from, Government, Advertisers and the AMF (Advertiser Media Forum) serving on all our technical committees.

We are owned by the major publishing houses, and members include Tiso Blackstar Group, CTP Caxton, Independent Newspapers, Media24, Mail & Guardian, Associated Magazines and Ndalo Media.. Currently the PRC members publish more than 700 newspapers and magazines in four different languages.

What We Do:

The PRC conducts audience and reading efficacy research on behalf of our members. We then provide this data to bureaux who in turn supply media planning and crosstab software to media agencies and advertisers.

In 2017, we conducted six studies with over 76 000 respondants.

In 2018, we are pioneering media research fusion in South Africa.




EM /Online

Publisher Research Council Mandate

  1. Commission and co-ordinate research which is required by or is relevant to the advertising, marketing and media industries
  2. Commission, develop and provide an accepted cross platform readership currency research for the use of the advertising, marketing and media industries
  3. Facilitate the incorporation of audited circulation data so that this metric can be synchronized with the readership panel measurement
  4. Promote and maintain fair, reasonable and proper standards for print and digitally published media audience research
  5. Foster and maintain innovation in term of research development
  6. Support and foster additional collaborative media industry-wide research
  7. Develop relationships with and work closely with interested publisher bodies including but not limited AIB, BRC, MMA, AIP, MASA, AMF and ABC in developing cross platform media research
  8. Expand the base of membership and utilise membership contributions to fund ongoing media industry research
  9. Educate the media planning and buying industry in respect of the utilization of the findings of the research and the value and role of print and digitally published media formats
  10. Develop and collate case studies, articles and white papers demonstrating the value of print and digitally published media

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